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Assessment of Water Quality using Pollution-Index in the study stretch of River Chambal, India

Naresh Singh Yadav, Amit Kumar, Saurabh Mishra, Shubhra Singhal


The present study is intended to ascertain the quality of water for public consumption and other life supporting activities by way of assessing pollution indices such as Carlson’s trophic state index (C-TSI), eutrophication index (EI), organic pollution index (OPI) and comprehensive pollution index (CPI).The study has been carried out for ten different sites in River Chambal of Madhya Pradesh, India, during pre and post-monsoon 2014. This paper deals with the study on – “How environmental parameters impacts/affects the quality of river waterâ€. In this study, four pollution indices have been determined on the basis of 16physico-chemical parameters, which indicates that the River Chambal  comes under the category of clear (CPI<0.8), oligotrophic (C-TSI<30-40), no eutrophication (EI<1) and excellent water quality (OPI<0). Results also show that the river water is suitable for irrigation and life supporting for flora and fauna. With slight treatment, the water can be made available for drinking as well. The present study shows that EI and OPI index are the best parameters to assess water quality since it gives precise results based on four water quality parameters.


Eutrophication index;CPI; OPI; C-TSI; Pollution

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