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morpholinyl pyrimidines antimicrobial

Anti-microbial and anti-tumor studies of newly synthesized 2-(4-morpholinyl)-4,6-diarylpyrimidines using nanosized NiO catalytic framework

Priyanka Khyaliya, Ahanthem Priyanca Devi, Sudesh Kumar, Ravi Kant, Keshav Lalit Ameta


A convenient and cost-effective methodology has been developed for the synthesis of some 2-substituted-4,6- diarylpyrimidines through one-pot conversion of various substituted chalcones, S-benzylthiouronium chloride (SBT) and morpholine using NiO nanoparticles as a reusable and economic catalyst. The deployment of this catalyst empowers the synthesis of variety of 2-(4- morpholinyl)-4,6-diarylpyrimidines in improved yields with easy work-up in a relatively short reaction time. The synthesized compounds have been studied for their potential anti-microbial and anti-tumor activities.


NiO nanocatalyst; S-benzylthiouronium chloride (SBT); Pyrimidines; Multicomponent reaction; Chalcones; Heterocyclic compounds;

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