drugs status for corona virus infection

Clinical status of potential drugs used for COVID-19 treatment and recent advances in new therapeutics - A review

Kalpa Mandal, Meenakshi Singh, Charu Chandra, Indraj Kumar Kumwat


COVID-19, a perilous disease caused by SARS CoV-2, has caused massive damage to humankind, and turned into a global catastrophe. It was first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and since then has been a constant source of worry for the scientists and the medical world, due to the carnage it has caused globally. Extensive clinical studies are being carried to explore drug therapy and prophylaxis to combat this pestilence.  It is still an excessively big challenge for the scientists and pharmacological industry to develop potential drugs for the treatment of this deadly virus. At present though no specific drug has been identified as a perfect cure for this zoonotic disease, medical practitioners are using the therapy of repurposing of drugs for the treatment. A systemic research was carried out through e-resources to identify drugs for the treatment of covid-19. A recent proposal of 2DG drug as a cure for covid-19 has also been discussed in this review.


Covid-19; SARS CoV-2; Drugs; clinical trials; 2DG;

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