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gut microbiota and diabetes

Gut microbiota based treatment for Diabetes mallitus (T2DM): Challenges and Opportunities

Smriti Sharma, Vinayak Bhatia


Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is gradually becoming a major concern worldwide. Due to the various adverse effects of the pharmacological interventions for T2DM, alternative and complementary medicine is being explored for its clinical management. In this review, authors have tried to focus on the role of gut microbiota in preventing and treating T2DM. The mechanistic aspects of the relationship between T2DM and gut microbiota have been explored. There has been lot of research on the role of gut microbiota in regulating human metabolism and various diseases. Various exemplary studies point to a relationship between changes in gut microbiota to T2DM. Therefore, this review has an appraisal of latest research and scope of regulation of gut microbiota with specific focus on T2DM. The therapeutic mechanism of this interaction has also been discussed in detail.


Gut microbiota; Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus; T2DM; gut microbiome; Short chain fatty acids; metabolites; probiotic; food;

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